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Strut Dance Company

Way back in February we filmed this company in Perth, Western Australia. For various reasons we have been unable to get it online until now, better late than never though.

Strut are the only dance company of their kind in the whole of Western Australia. Despite this they still manage to pull off some great movement and one of the most imaginative uses of video material we have yet seen on a stage.

The promotional blurb tells us;

“Who really waits forever? Is desire enough to make a wish come true? Or, is it only when we give up all hope that something really interesting starts to happen? In this untidy narrative, seven people must define themselves, negotiate one another, and deal with their own forceful imaginings. Peacock’s choreography for this ensemble work is breathtaking, witty, thoughtful, generous.”

Here in the Lab we never were big fans of the press release. Just watch the work and make up your own mind. The piece was performed during the Perth Arts Festival in February 2004.

Choreographed by Sue Peacock and performed by; Claudia Alessi, Paea Leach, Olivia Millard, Katie Moore, Timothy Rodgers, Justin Rutzou, Sete Tele

Set/Lighting/Video: Andrew Lake

If you want more information about Strut and their work click on the email link on the right. As yet the company do not have a website.

[ Strut Website ]