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Northern Connections 2022

It has been a long time since our last full video feature but we return triumphantly with three new dance makers looking to make their mark on the wide world of dance. John-William Watson, Chandenie Gobardhan and Jake Evans presented three works in progress for Northern Connections a launch platform, if you will allow us, from Northern School of Contemporary dance in Leeds.

We start with Mr Watson and ‘I would like to go over there’, a consistently hilarious piece about making a dance piece which is just what the wide world of dance needs right now.

“This work is about not being able to decide what to make work about.
It’s about how silly dance is.
It’s about how silly not knowing what to make work about is.”

Show Programme Northern Connections 2022

The work is performed by Grace Ford and Ruby Portus with choreography from John-William Watson.

Next up we have Chandenie Gobardhan and her work ‘Creator’. Hailing From The Hague in the Netherlands Ms Gobardhan presented a duet concerned with, and we quote;

All things in our universe are in eternal motion, a phase of the Trimurti cycle. Considering the constant dance of countless vibrations within every atom that exists, the shifts through the Trimurti cycle can be happening on an extremely subtle level. The most intricate movements can impact the relationships of the space in and around us.

Show Programme Northern Connections 2022

‘Creator’ is performed by Mithun Gill and Chandenie Gobardhan with the dance making handled by Ms Gobardhan.

The final work for this presentation, for you, our dear readers, is ‘Queer New World’ from Jake Evans.

Inspired by the moments shared on disco dance floors and makeshift stages of DIY cabarets. Queer New World is a work in-progress that combines dance, drag and poetry to explore what parts of ourselves we hide from the world, and what parts we feel we can show. What we have to destroy in order to survive, and what we desperately reconstruct. What we perform for others, and what’s left after the show’s over.

Show Programme Northern Connections 2022

The work is created and performed by Jake Evans.

Northern Connections 2022 was filmed at the Riley Theatre in Leeds on March 11, 2022. All the videos on this page are Closed Captioned for viewers with hearing impairment.

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