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Full Force Dance Company

After many recent misfires with dance performances we have been covering Article19 ventures about as far south as you can get (Portsmouth) to bring you an excerpt from ‘Headcase’ by brand new company Full Force.

Full Force are a little unusual in the dance world because the company is made up entirely of men, 4 professional dancers and 2 apprentices. The company is led by Helen Parlor (who is a girl by the way, Ed!)

Headcase’s promotional info tells us;

“Get ready for some real energy and surprises. A roller coaster ride through mans head. An insight into a group of friends who are a handful of characters. Each character different, each man wanting to tell you something if he can, each bonding together in order to survive individually”

We know what you’re thinking! Going for a roller coaster ride through a man’s head should be easy since you would encounter very little in the way of resistance but not so with this piece. Headcase is dark, moody and thought provoking (which on it’s own would make it worth watching) all wrapped up in some excellent movement and music with some scaffolding thrown in for good measure.

Headcase is performed by Guy Adams, Adam Rutherford, Chris Bradley, Stuart Waters,Ali Stewart and Tim Bartlett.

Headcase will be performed at Forest Arts Centre on October 14th (box office: 01425 612393) and then on October 21st at the Hawth Theatre (box office: 01293 556636). There are no plans at present to tour beyond these dates.