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Maresa Von Stockert ‘Adventures in Black and Green’

Adventures in Black and Green

Here in TheLab™ we have been trying to get Ms Stockert’s work on camera for a long time now. We finally got the chance in Birmingham last week at the Patrick Centre and the results are here for all to see.

The work is described as “an unromantic romance” and features two dancers (Francisco Monteagudo and Roberta Pitre) performing with a table, some roses, a blow up doll, lot’s of apples and the funniest dead pan spoken text you have ever heard (spoken by Russell Raisey).

The company blurb tells us;

“This dance theatre duet is a tragicomic account of mundane everyday life eating its way into a relationship. After a chain reaction of unhappy circumstances finally swallows love’s left-overs, the anti-hero finds himself in an illusionary world where the trivial spirals into the surreal.”

Luckily the actual piece is far better than the text description. The company are performing this piece along with “Beyond the Seven Seas” at the Robin Howard Theatre in London on Friday May 21st and Saturday May 22nd. We have no further touring information at present.

This piece did go on to receive an award for one of the best show of the year, even if it was an award from us!