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Granhoj Dans Theatre

Granhoj Dans from 2004

An exclusive feature just for Article19; We bring you the very strange 8IQ – No Woman No Cry a dance piece featuring dance (you don’t say! Ed!), singing, live music and some very funny moments.

This may come as a shock but we don’t often hear a lot about contemporary dance in Denmark. If you do hear about dance in Denmark it usually something to do with Copenhagen.

Not so with GRANHØJ though since this multi talented group of dancers are based in Aarhus which is in…… well it’s in Denmark!

The company promo material states about 8IQ;

“A man emerges holding a candle in his hand promising the audience that the performance includes naked women. This sets your mind at ease. The man knows what it is about. Not absorbed ideas embodied to choreography, but instead bodies calling – an investigation of what bodies could tell, that is if they could talk.”

So there you have it, if you have a chance to catch this work in full you have plenty of opportunities since the work is touring to several countries around the world. Check out the company’s website for further details.

This performance was part of the I.C.E festival produced by DanceCity.

[ GranHoj Website ]
[ Dance City Website ]