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Jasmin Vardimon Company ‘7734’ Interview

The previous work to come from Jasmin Vardimon Company was the retrospective piece ‘Yesterday’. This time up with ‘7734’ we have an altogether darker work that plays on mankind’s ability to be unspeakably cruel and unreservedly kind

Although Ms Vardimon draws on her personal experience and research of the holocaust the work itself is not specifically about that time in history, although the title, ‘7734’, does refer to a specific date and, more obviously, when turned upside down and read backwards it spells out ‘hell’

The work takes place on a stage adorned with an enormous watchtower and a large pile of discarded clothes, used for both comic and sinister effect throughout, perhaps leaning more toward the sinister.

Also on show is the company’s trademark movement style with a lot of high intensity and extremely difficult movement performed, as ever, by a group of world class contemporary dancers.

The company say this much about the work;

Throughout her body of work, Jasmin has illustrated the power to grip and seduce audiences; exciting with athletic prowess, lulling through quiet beauty and tearing our emotions with a gutsy voice of intention.

Man’s inhumanity to man never ceases to stun each generation. 7734 questions the human forces and weaknesses that have manufactured hell on earth whilst illuminating both our capacity for survival and the poetry of hope.

If you’re going to see the show live then prepare yourself for a two hour stay (plus interval).

Our videos bring you some sections from the work and an Interview with Jasmin Vardimon where she discusses ‘7734’ and her motivations for creating the piece.

‘7734 is perfromed by Mafalda Deville, Luke Burrough, Sam Coren, Tim Casson, Olga Clavel-Gimeno, Estéban Fourmi, David Lloyd, YunKrung Song and Elena Stavropoulou. Choregraphy by Jasminn Vardimon and music from various sources.

The work continues to tour both nationally and internationally for the foreseeable future, check the companies website for more details.

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