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Siobhan Davies Dance ‘Rotor’

Something just a little bit different this time out with ‘Rotor’ from Siobhan Davies Dance. It’s different because the work is not being presented on tour in a wide range of theatres but as an art exhibition.

Siobhan Davies has been performing, creating and touring choreography for over thirty years. More recently however, since the opening of her new studio’s in London, the dance maker has been creating more installation and site specific type work.

‘Rotor’ is an extension of that idea and incorporates a wide range of designers, sculptors, ceramists and, of course, dance work, all contained within the same building.

The current exhibition, that has just ended, took place at the Siobhan Davies Studios. ‘Rotor’ features work by Clare Twomey, Sam Collins, Angela de la Cruz, Alexandra Hughes, Ben Tyres, E V Crowe, Matteo Fargion and, of course, Siobhan Davies who presents ‘A Series of Appointments’.

The company say this much about the work;

“This autumn Siobhan Davies Dance presents ROTOR, an ensemble of performances, sound, installations and artworks which fills Siobhan Davies Studios. Following The Collection, presented last year at Victoria Miro Gallery and Ikon Eastside, Siobhan Davies further extends her connections with other disciplines and commissions nine artists to make, in their own artform, work based on ideas generated by dance and choreography.

A new dance work by Siobhan Davies was filmed from above and its patterns created a score for the nine artists. Distinct elements of The Score triggered new work which responded not only to the images from the dance but also to the energies, counterpoints or character developed by the dancers actions.”

Our feature includes an interview with Ms Davies and features most, but not all, of the works that make up ‘Rotor’.

You can see the work next, in part at least, at the South London Gallery, London on 9th December at 7pm. This includes only the dance sections of the exhibition.

The full complement of exhibits will be on show at the The Whitworth Art Gallery, The University of Manchester from 28th January to the 4th of April next year.

‘A Series of Appointments’ is performed by Andrea Buckley, Lindsey Butcher, Annie Pui Ling Lok and Charlie Morrissey.

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