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Ballet Lorent ‘La Vie’

Way back in January 2003 we brought you the first look at BalltLORENTS unique dance work ‘The Ball’. This year we bring you a first look at ‘La Vie des Fantasmes Erotiques et Esthetiques’ or La Vie to its’ friends

Although La Vie is a much more traditional piece than The Ball, in that the work takes place on a stage, there are still some magic moments to be had thanks to some excellent lighting and inspired music choices.

What we have is a dance piece that wouldn’t look out of place in a Tim Burton movie and here in the Lab we look forward to that collaboration sometime in the future (if anybody out there knows Mr Burton let him know that all is forgiven for Batman and he can contact the company through the website below).

The video features performances from Juliet Thompson (pictured above), Gavin Coward and Gwen Berwick.

La Vie will be touring this year and into next year. The Ball is still touring.

[ Ballet Lorent Website ]