The Evil Imp

Why The Hate?


Why do they do it? Why do they hate dancers so? What have they done to deserve it? Why, why why? What the hell are we talking about you ask?

Among their many crimes in the online space The Place and’s most egregious sin is wasting the time of professional dancers looking for work. How are they doing this?

Cast your eyes upward and you will see a button in the middle of our main menu that says ‘Auditions’. Click on it and you get, shocking we know, an up to date list of auditions. One click and you’re in. No messing about, no waiting, just click and go.

Both The Place and have other ideas though because they force the unwitting user to log-in with a username and password before they get to see this most privileged information.

Why do you have to log-in? No bloody idea because there is no practical or technical reason for making you do it. To add insult to injury neither site has a ‘remember me’ button so you have to keep doing it over and over again.

All told it takes about half a dozen clicks and much searching about to find auditions on either site. Dancers are busy, they are constantly moving about (often times literally) with little time to fiddle around with stupid websites hiding information that should be easily available.

So we ask you, not at all politely, to knock it off and let them get at the info with a lot less arsing about. Also, put an RSS feed on your auditions while you’re at it, you know what that is, right?

We don’t do it our way to be smart or superior. We do it because it makes things really easy for everybody!

On a side note; A promotional email hit our inbox today like a lead pipe on the back of a mobsters head. was promoting an up and coming show at the Royal Albert Hall by Royston Maldoom (which apparently is a real persons name). The email leads of with the following sentence;

“120 young dancers will explode on to the Royal Albert Hall stage in Overture 2012”

A rather unfortunate choice of words we think!