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Rosie Kay Dance Company ‘Supernova’

For those of you that don’t know a ‘Supernova’ occurs when stars (the planetary objects not those losers from American Idol) explode as they collapse in on themselves because they’ve used up all their fuel and there’s nothing left but to go BANG!

What has that got to do with this piece of dance making from Rosie Kay Dance Company?  We, here in TheLab™, have no idea because we are especially dense when it comes to the deeper meanings of choreography, we shall leave it up to you, and your science teacher, to figure it out.

Rest assured though that none of the dancers actually explode!

Exploding stars and cosmic shenanigans aside what we have here is some solid old school dance making. That is; dancers, costumes, music, movement. As we always say, if in doubt, do that! The company say of this astronomatological (that’s not even a real word! Ed!) piece;

“Taking inspiration from time, space, energy and matter, Rosie Kay translates huge cosmic ideas into the physical, the personal and the emotional.  Supernova is a journey of five extraordinary female dancers who translate the macro into the micro sensations inside us all. A work of personal discovery, comment upon the state of the planet and dreams of the wider universe.”

‘Supernova’ is currently under a warm blanket until touring resumes in the new year along with its sister work ‘Double Points K’. Check the company website or your local arts listings, if you can find them, to see when the work is coming to a theatre near you.

The work is performed by Lauren Mitchell, Rebecca Spinetti, Hsiu-Hsuan Tang, Morgann Temple and Tilly Webber with choreography by Rosie Kay.