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Virtual Motion ‘Kismet’

Kismet video from 2004

‘Kismet’ premiered at The Customs House Theatre in the North East a few weeks ago. This performance was a shortened version for the Connections 7 choreography platform hosted by Dance City and ‘Kismet’ was by far the strongest work on show.

Virtual Motion is a seven strong company led by choreographer Helen Smith and Kismet is the company’s first piece to be released on an unsuspecting world.

In promotion speak the flyer tells us;

“…. you can cast the a stone that will send out a ripple effect that will go on forever. The study of how those ripples are formed and the effect of the ripples is Kismet. In Kismet we look at life and important decisions we have to make. How doe we choose? Is our destiny a matter of chance? Do we stand still or make the leap that could change our lives forever – for better or worse!”

Article19 is of the opinion that you should throw some cold water over the person who wrote that but at least the choreography is better than the writing.

For those of you that are wondering ‘Kismet’ means fate.

Kismet is performed by Kate Jackson (pictured above right), Peter Russell, Gemma Wayne, Raymond Roa, Anna Bjerre Larsen, Jon Benney, Clair Grigg. With choreography by Helen Smith and Music by Susumu Yokata.

Virtual Motion will be touring the full length version of ‘Kismet’ in 2005. We will keep you up to date on their tour dates and other activities. If you would like more information about Virtual Motion then contact the company using the link on the right.