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Tribe// ‘No Sudden Moves’

We go behind the scenes with Tribe// Company in Brighton to look at the creation of the company’s second new work ‘No Sudden Moves’ a follow up to ‘Still I Rise’ from 2017.

We spoke with company director Victoria Fox about creating the new piece, crafting the movement and the importance of her working relationship with the company’s dancers.

The company say this much about the work:

“Stuck in a series of events that loop a world of tension and unease, choreographer Victoria Fox takes the audience into a world, where personal decisions shift and alter the consequences of actions, scenes repeat with alternate endings where groups split, spy and interrogate each other. The music creates an atmospheric drive reminiscent of scandi-noir TV and dystopian film where the cast become powerfully charged as company through Fox’s visceral and punchy movement language to re-build future that is not based on fear.

“I want to reflect the future and state of the current world which we all face. Threats political and personal, our fears, the systems we are part of and play in.” – Victoria

Company Dancers: Finetta Mikolasjka, Rose Sao Sall, Folu Odimayo and Lewis Cooke.

Filmed at The Studio in Brighton on December 13th 2018.

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