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Motionhouse In Rehearsal

This year Motionhouse are 30 years old and that anniversary has brought with it a move into a brand new rehearsal space, the likes of which probably doesn’t exists anywhere else in the world.

More often than not the company is creating and rehearsing several productions simultaneously and their previous rehearsal space at an industrial unit in Leamington Spa was, to be blunt, horrible. Then along came a high-end furniture production company called Vitsœ and changed all of that for the better and a new chapter was born.

The company tell us this much about their new space;

“The co-habitation was conceived by Vitsœ and Motionhouse to create a vibrant and like-minded working community. Vitsœ  has a long history of collaborating with artists, designers and educational institutions. Motionhouse was a natural fit, both for reasons of compatible culture and its close integration to the local community.

Vitsœ’s naturally lit and ventilated furniture-production building spanning 135 metres in length, 25 metres in width and 6 metres in height, lends itself beautifully as a rehearsal space for Motionhouse.”

Motionhouse don’t work in a separate building or room within the facility, it’s just one giant room with a dance company working and rehearsing right in the middle of it, and it works!

For our feature we spoke with the company dancers and company AD Kevin Finnan about the work they are currently creating and their unusual new working space.

Company dancers: Chris Knight, Martina Knight, Daniel Masseralla, Beth Pattinson, Alasdair Stewart, Naomi Tadevossian, Aaron Watkinson, Rebecca Williams and Junior Cunningham.

Filmed at Vitsœ in Leamington Spa on June 29th 2018.

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