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Tom Dale Dance ‘Digitopia’ Feature

Such is the way of things in the wider world of dance that it has been almost three years since we last featured a piece of work from Tom Dale Dance. on that occasion it was Refugees of the Septic Heart and this time out it is a work for children entitled ‘Digitopia’.

The work features two real life dancers, playing two characters called Dotty and Hex, and one other dancer in the form of automated, for the most part, video projection effects that cover the entire stage.

For our feature we spoke with company AD Tom Dale and also bring you footage from the work itself. ‘Digitopia’ continues to tour this year so check out the company website for more details about that.

The work is performed by Joshua Smith & Maria Olga Palliani with digital media by Barret Hodgson and interactive media by Noel Murphy and music composed by Jo Wills.

‘Digitopia’ was filmed at The Dance Lab in Newcastle upon Tyne on March 31st 2016.

[ Company Website ]