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Southpaw Dance Company ‘Speakeasy’

Time for a little Break Dance Theatre here in TheLab™ with Southpaw Dance Company and a preview performance of their work ‘Speakeasy’ featuring break dancers, swing dancers, motion tracking video graphics and the Devil himself.

Adapted from an outdoor work into a full length dance piece the work is based on the story of Faust by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

For our feature we bring you, of course, footage from the show and an interview with the company founder and AD Robby Graham. ‘Speakeasy’ is performed by Sam Amos, Benjamin Taylor­Shepherd, Anton Phung, Dan Lowenstein, Marius Mates, Robby Graham, Neil Hopper & Elise Rana Hopper, Alton Morgan & Toni Hamill, Hannah Smithurst & Adam Ford, Melissa Earl & Ben Imrye, Gillian Legg & Anders Ingram.

The piece is currently in development and will be on tour in full later in the year, check the company website for details.

Filmed in The Dance Lab, Newcastle upon Tyne on March 18th 2016.

[ Company Website ]