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Tilted Productions ‘Trapped’

Maresa von Stockert is not a dance maker to be trifled with. Ms Stockert can craft a movement, write a line or two and direct some of the best dance/physical theatre around and all before lunch, so be careful.

When last we featured Tilted Productions it was way back in 2004 with ‘Adventures in Black and Green’ a sublime duet featuring the company’s signature top drawer writing and performances.

‘Trapped’ is a very different work, in terms of scale and story, but it is no less impressive in every respect. With minimal set and exposition the company create a convincing world of pervasive surveillance, government interference and subtle intimidation. It speaks of both today’s world, covered in CCTV cameras and government snooping, and the almost comical behaviour of the East German security services before the Berlin Wall came down.
We, here in TheLab™, are also happy to report the return on Russell Raisey who’s voice featured heavily in ‘Adventures in Black and Green’.

Tilted say of this work;

“Imagine a place where thoughts are overheard and dreams are monitored; where intimate letters get scanned and a warped sense of reality rules over reason. In our surveillance-obsessed times, TrAPPED explores notions of personal freedom.

Unfolding like a film, TrAPPED tells the stories of five characters in a surreal Kafkaesque landscape. Subtly, a commentary emerges on the CCTV-laden world of today and the bygone era of the German Democratic Republic.”

The company’s final show of the current tour is at the Exeter Northcott Theatre on 24th June followed by an 8 performance run at this year’s Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. Further touring expected in the Autumn.

‘Trapped’ is performed by Lise Manavit, Amy Bell, Jake Ingram-Dodd, Simon Palmer and Phil Williams with music by Jeremy Cox.

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