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Motionhouse Dance Theatre ‘Scattered’ (Preview)

As promised we have a preview feature for you from Motionhouse Dance Theatre and their ongoing rehearsals for their brand new work ‘Scattered’ which will premiere in October.

Just like we told you in our photo feature early last month the work features a giant ramp, placed at the back of the stage, as well as bungee assisted slings that pull the dancers up and down said ramp whether they like or not.

Our feature includes an interview with the company’s Artistic Director, Kevin Finnan and three of the company’s dancer, Laura Pena Nunez, Junior Cunningham and Philipp Stummer. During the interview they discuss the work, its challenges and how it will evolve during MDT’s very long tour.

The company say of this work:

“Scattered combines Motionhouse’s trademark highly physical dance theatre and mesmerizing aerial imagery with film and graphics, to create a unique visual performance event. Performed on a huge curved floor, which disappears skywards upstage, Scattered uses multiple projection technology to create a world in which the dancers move in, on and through the image.

Scattered delves into the beauty and absurdity of water in different elements. Seven dancers dive into a moving stream, wrestle a raging tide and slide on an avalanche to a frozen landscape of arctic beauty.”

The dancers for ‘Scattered’ are: Luara Pena Nunez, Philipp Stummer, Junior Cunningham, Olivia Quayle, Fernando Pasquini, Claire Benson and Alasdair Stewart

‘Scattered’ bows on October 2nd at Warwick Arts Centre then goes on to tour nationally, probably until the end of time!

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