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Tilted Productions ‘Masquerade’

In the wide world of dance there are few that can create a world in a box like Maresa von Stockert. Deftly crafting audio, movement and narrative to tell a good yarn whilst never over staying her welcome on stage.

Tilted Productions new work is ideally suited to this particular dance makers creative prowess because ‘Masquerade’ is all about exploring the weird world of dreams.

Adding to the mix this time out we have some crazy, and some scary, masks and prosthetics created by John Schoonraad, one of which is a giant replica of one of the dancers heads and when we say it’s giant, we mean it!

It’ll blow your mind man!

The company say this much about the work;

“Masquerade is inspired by Freud’s interpretation of dreams and the Surrealist movement of the mid 20th century and its fascination with the subconscious, eroticism & death and the mystery of time.

Feasting the eyes and provoking the mind, six outstanding dancers aged between 25 and 60 will turn bone structures liquid and de- & re-construct bodies and their secrets.”

‘Masquerade’ is performed by Amy Bell, Joy Constantinides, Jake Ingram-Dodd, Simon Palmer, Natalie Thorn, Anna Richmond and Roseanne Anderson with choreography by Maresa von Stockert and sound design by Jeremy Cox.

The next performance is on Saturday 12 February, 8pm, at Déda in Derby with national touring continuing after that. Check the company’s website for further details and don’t have nightmares.

Performance recorded at The Riley Theatre in Leeds on Saturday 5th February 2011.

[ Company Website ]