The Evil Imp

Threat Level Update

It’s sad to see the threat level is still on ‘Oh Good Christ’ so here’s a quick round up of some of the things keeping the threat level up in the higher reaches of insanity.

1. Dance City and their flyer for the Northern Lights Youth Dance Festival. A hideous mix of bright red and orange with orange text on a white background. Miners have been using them to see underground and the International Atomic Energy Commission is investigating to discover just how much nuclear waste was used to create the colours.

2. The Capture 4 dance series is on the loose and nobody can see it, that may be a good thing but it’s hanging around like H5N1 and threatening the population!

3. continues to exist.

4. Dance still appears to be completely inept and letting people know it’s actually happening. Too many shows, performances and events happening that nobody knows anything about. To the people who promote these things and wonder why nobody is there, take a long hard look in the mirror!

Progressive’s are making some work however, more news to follow, maybe they can save us!