The Evil Imp

Dance Under Threat!

A quick glance to the left reveals two new indicators on the current state of our mood, here in the Lab, and the current state of contemporary dance in general, in the shape of our multi-coloured threat assesment.

Dance, like most things, can ebb and flow with the times and our specialists are keeping a close eye on all things dance related and collating that information into an unspeakably complex algorithm to arrive at the current threat level.

Motionhouse or Vincent Dance Theatre make a new show, it goes down toward green (or Peachy in literal terms) but if the madness continues, like Darshan Bhuller being commissioned to make a piece about L.S. Lowry (he painted match stick men and match stick cats and dogs!) because Lowry “saw Rambert perform in the 1960s” then it edges toward red, and you don’t want any of it being on red! So come on the progressive dance makers, help keep the threat low.

If you have information that can help keep the threat down or you’re in the trenches and see action that is pushing it up, then let us know, your profession needs you!

Our mood indicator is just a simple way for you to know if we’re feeling good or bad, perky or petulant. When the meter is green it might be a good time to ask us for something, if it’s red then run for cover, i’ll say no more!

Click on the threat level for more detailed info! Stay Alert, Be Ready (???? Ed!)