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Tero Saarinen ‘Blue Lady’

Something a little bit different here in the shape of Finnish dancer and choreographer Tero Saarinen with the re-staging of a work by Carolyn Carlson from the 1980’s.

If you’re a dance student and you shudder at the thought of performing a solo for a few minutes in front of your teachers or your class then spare a thought for Mr Saarinen who takes to the stage for no less than seventy minutes all on his own for this piece.

The work was originally a solo for a female dancer but in the spirit of experimentation Ms Carlson has handed the work to Mr Saarinen who runs his own company in Helsinki.

The company have this much to say about the work;

“Carolyn Carlson’s legendary solo Blue Lady (1983), has touched thousands of spectators around the world with it’s unforgettable images. It is a fascinating gallery of female portraits spanning the space of one life – a tribute to maternity and mysterious Venice.

Today the solo is being handed on to Tero Saarinen, the charismatic Finnish choreographer and dancer. Blue Lady [Revisited] offers precious, radiant moments that touch the soul and remain imprinted on the heart. The premiere of this version received standing ovations in Lyon last autumn.”

Our feature includes an interview with Tero Saarinen as well as material from the work itself performed as part of the Coda Dance Festival in Oslo, Norway in October last year.

‘Blue Lady’ [revisited] is performed by Tero Saarinen with music by René Aubry. The work continues to tour throughout this year across Europe. Check the company’s website for details.

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