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Retina Dance Company ‘Antipode’

Retina Dance Company return to Article19 for the third time with their new show ‘Antipode’ . The company is also celebrating their 15th anniversary this year which is a really long time in this business that we call show (who calls it that? Ed!)

‘Antipode’ itself is performed by 5 male dancers and explores the themes of “polar opposites” which is, in fact, what the word antipode actually means! This work also comes with live music composed and performed by Joris Vanvinckenroye who plays a mean double bass.

The company have this much to say about the work;

“Antipode takes its initiation from innate polar opposites in and around the human body. As human beings we are constantly being challenged by opposition, even verticality commits us to engage with gravity, significance, magnitude and energy. How do we counteract the force of gravity and how do we survive in a world of other people and objects, in an unmistakable web and game of opposites?

The five individuals share the same stage but are on their own journey, with no shared goals and no fear, challenging their own physicality. They collide, caress, fight, play and reject as they stampede along their own pathway. Quirky solos interrupt feisty duets and athletic group work.”

Included in our feature is an interview with Belgian dance maker and company AD Filip Van Huffel where we cover such topics as being Belgian, working with live music and why we, here in TheLab™ were not invited to the 15th anniversary party! (you had better not have asked him that! Ed!)

‘Antipode’ is performed by Robert Guy, Steven Martin, Matthew Slater and Brian Tjon Tjauw Liem with music by Joris Vanvinckenroye.

The work continues touring throughout this year so check the company’s web site for further details.

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