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TDI ‘Moznayium’

TDI, Moznayium video from 2003

Last year the Lab featured several stages of the rehearsal period for this work. Now we bring you Moznayium live (almost, Ed) and on tour and it may well be coming to a theatre near you if there is any justice in the world.

Choreographed by Noa Wertheim of Vertigo the Israel based contemporary dance company, Moznayium, which means “The Balance Between”, is a fast paced, energetic work of some 20 minutes or so. The work is performed by Rose Payne, Mona McCarthy and Geoff Hopson.

The piece is part of a programme of four works of starkly contrasting styles from David Massingham, Liv Lorent and Geoff Hopson one of TDI’s own dancers. The current tour has just come to an end but further dates are planned for later this year.

Since this article was published the company is now called Tees Valley Dance, not an impressive name change but there you go. At present they do not have a website but the company is going strong and we will bring you more information as it occurs. The performance staff have all changed as well with the dancers featured here having moved on to new things.