The Evil Imp

Talent(less) Show, Again?, Really?

Filed firmly under the category of ‘you must be bloody joking’ a television company called, wait for it, ‘Just Fabulous TV’ (stop giggling at the back!!), is launching yet another television show to revel in the abject humiliation of the masses via the medium of dance.

The show, for that is what it is, states in no uncertain terms that it will deliver a;

“pressure cooker atmosphere and the raucous studio audience bouncing to a backdrop of heavy beats, will give rise to the most heart thumping dance showdown the UK has ever seen.”

For that read far too many desperate wannabes – although we’re not altogether sure what they could possibly want to be – ‘performing’ in front of people who have been given several doses of crystal meth whilst sitting in seats wired to the National Grid and making an interminable racket!

There will of course be ‘judges’ who pour scorn and praise in totally unequal measure upon the participants, and let’s face it, that’s the only reason people watch these shows, to revel in the humiliation of others!

Participants will presumably be strutting about in the completely faux persona of ‘Hip Hop/BBoy’ types. The truth being that most of them would probably be knocked over by a stiff breeze with a head cold and what they fear most is not being ‘whacked’ in the ‘hood’ it’s getting a stern telling off from their mum!

Of course the television company doesn’t see it that way. What they are hoping is that enough people will watch this drivel in the expectation that they can sell it to a national network – it’s airing on cable – and make them lots of money in the process.

Just exactly what a “Hip Hop banger” is I don’t know but I feel certain it shouldn’t be allowed out of the house without adult supervision.