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Silly Webby

Ballet.Co, the ballet equivalent to Article19, sort of, has a rather curious request on its link pages which we feel merits a mention.

The site compiles a daily list to various ballet related stories around the internet from newspapers, magazines and whomever else happens to write anything on contemporary dance’s slightly high strung, classical counterpart;

“We should not need to state this but these links are for our readers’ use and not for other websites to take and pass off as their own. We ask all visitors to respect’s site and the way it operates.”

It is somewhat ridiculous that you should attempt to pass off ownership of hyperlinks (that’s what they are called) as your own. Nobody has tried that since British Telecom attempted to get a licence fee for every hyperlink on the internet. They were sent packing by the courts with their tail between their legs.

The nature of the web is that links spread interlinking information and content from one place to another across the vast network of computers that make up the web. Hence the name ‘inter-net’. Suggesting that you own them simply because you copy and pasted them from a web browser is patently absurd.

Have a slap to the kipper for your foolishness and run along, there’s a good website!

[ Ballet.Co ]