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Dance Umbrella Goes Global!

Here in the UK you may not be too familiar with the US cable news channel MSNBC, a 24 hour operation operated by NBC and, oddly enough, Microsoft. With that in mind you may be startled to learn that they ran a quick segment on Dance Umbrella.

Before folks get too excited about this global coverage of a local dance festival in London the nature of the piece, in the “Oddball” section of the show Countdown, is always slightly mocking in tone.

The work under scrutiny is Beau Geste’s ‘Transports Exceptionnels’. Within this work the dancer in question larks about with a mechanical digger. We’re pretty sure Motionhouse did that first years ago but never mind at least you’re on the teevee!.

Video is below and if you want to see this work for real you’re out of luck because it has come and gone. Looking around the interweb may yeild another showing somewhere though.