The Evil Imp

Start Your Engines!


Please forgive us for just a moment, because we are about to indulge our inner child and present you with a unique opportunity to spread the good word about your favourite dance magazine.

What you see above is Article19’s very own race car, well, one of several of our race cars but we chose the nice Bentley because it’s rather posh. Of course it’s not a real race car but one from a new Xbox360 title called Forza Motorsport 2 and the best thing about this game is that you can design your own cars.

So we thought, here in TheLab™, that instead of toiling away for hours using the very hard to control car designer inside the game you can simply ‘gift’ one of your cars to us, we’ll paint it up in the Article19 livery and send it straight back to you. If you’re lucky we might even upgrade the engine along the way.

It has to be better than covering your car in stickers from strange companies that make mufflers (mufflers? Ed!) and you get to show your dance chops to the world. Stop being ashamed of being in this profession, it’s time to come out of the closet, so to speak. Just add “LiveTiggerToo” to your Xbox friends list and the Article19 chop shop will be open for business.

Also, if you are a dance company, dancer, dance maker or work in this addled profession in any way then send us an image with your own designs, we’ll start a gallery. Stop pretending that you don’t play video games, nobody really believes you spend all your spare time reading long books with really small typefaces!

We’ll see you on the race track and remember, if we are racing against you and we smash into you and wreck your car, it’s only because you did something wrong!