The Evil Imp

Curioser and Curioser

A couple of strange things have popped up today in some audition notices, well, one is curious and the other one unintentionally prompted us, here in TheLab™, to almost throw up.

An audition notice for a television show on LivingTV states thus;

“We’re looking for talented, great-looking male dancers for a dance competition show which will see them pair up with gorgeous female dancers to compete for the ultimate prize package for any dancer wanting to be the best in the business.”

The “best in business” almost certainly won’t be appearing on some crap cable TV show or major network TV show for that matter. More often than not, people with actual talent usually have a bit more class.

Up next we have the “curious” part of an audition notice from Rambert Dance Company (the best dance company in the known universe if you believe their hype). The notice is fairly ordinary until you get to the end;

“Rambert strives to be an equal opportunities employer and particularly welcomes applications from suitably qualified dancers from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds.”

We are used to seeing the “strives” part at the end of audition notices but the last part of the sentence is a new one on us. Make of it what you will.