The Evil Imp

Sniveling Wretches

OK, the title is not nice, that much I acknowledge and if any of you are upset by it I offer you, by way of compensation for the emotional harm suffered, a hot chocolate and some buttered crumpets, what more can I do?

It seems the sniveling wretches in question, the ACE funded pander squad (yes that is pander and not Panda!) at went into self promotion overload with a news story that the Olivier Awards are ‘dominated’ by Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London for the dance categories.

Now if anybody actually cared about the Olivier Awards then this posting would be even more visceral but let’s face it, this particular award ceremony is nothing more than luvvie acid trip plain and simple, that might just about scrape onto BBC2 at 4am.

More venal is the fact the fails to note in its’ ‘news’ item that the people who work on the site are from Sadler’s Wells Theatre! Guess they didn’t have to walk too far to copy and paste the press release, if in fact they didn’t just write it themselves. I would recommend them for another Zero award but if we give them anymore of those they get to keep the whole page!

Kudos to Motionhouse for winning an award that was voted for by actual people, not arty sycophants! (to all the arty sycophants we know, love you all really!)