The Evil Imp

Are You ******* Kidding Me?

The Telegraph newspaper, seemingly unable to write actual news stories anymore, about anything, brought us a process story about Morris Dancing, apparently it’s making a comeback!

For the benefit of our non UK readers Morris Dancing is the only dance form that is more ridiculous than Line Dancing and the choreography of Matts Ek! Practiced by individuals oblivious to the world around them it involves skipping around during church fetes with wooden sticks in your hands and bells tied to your feet. It’s sort of like Thai Stick Fighting mixed with Belly Dancing.

People who practice this “dance” should almost certainly be pushed into heavy traffic blindfolded but that’s just my view!

The ‘reporter’ oblivious to just how much of a complete buffoon she was making of herself wrote;

“Teenage troupes and new recruits have taken the average age under 40, according to the Morris Federation; a Scottish team has skipped back from “near extinction” with the help of an eager 19-year-old; and a dedicated troupe for 18-to 30-year-olds claims to “kick more ass” than most morris teams.”

I’m not sure what we should be more alarmed about, that Morris Dancing is undergoing a resurgence of mediocrity or that these people have a “Federation” that uses the word “ass”.

(note: OK apparently you use hankies not wooden sticks but the sticks joke is funny so…..)