The Evil Imp


Arts Council England CEO Alan “Wavey” Davey has been sounding off in the papers, well, The Stage, but still, about the new UK coalition government and their saber rattling about cuts to the arts, “sharing the pain”, and so much other nonsense.

Wavey has called for people to make “rational” arguments about why funding the arts is a good thing and cuts are a bad thing.

In ACE speak this means trotting out the usual suspects which means say anything you like as long as you include the words “diversity” and….. well, that’s it really.

Looking past the fact that advocating for the arts to the top levels of government sounds an awful lot like the job you’re paid six figures to do here’s a helpful suggestion Mr Davey, from us, here in TheLab™

What it lacks in poetry it makes up for in simplicity we feel.

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