The Evil Imp

Roll Your Eyes

Most ridiculous quote of the year, so far, has to go to Karole Armitage a veteran choreographer who presented the premiere of her new piece, ‘Gran Partita’, with Rambert at Sadler’s Wells yesterday.

When discussing the work in an “interview” with she said, no kidding;

“I hope to show a post-quantum theory, democratic, multi-dimensional side of Mozart.”

First of all; stop rolling your eyes at the back and pay attention. We could forgive Ms Armitage for uttering such mindless drivel but we’re in a fighty mood this week so no forgiveness will be forthcoming.

We fear that Ms Armitage, whom we have no doubt is very nice lady, has been hanging about with Mark Baldwin (AD of Rambert) for too long. That man is forever banging on about physics, oranges and tube trains for reasons best known to himself.

A further moment of hilarity comes from’s writer. After introducing the interview with a statement concerning Ms Armitage’s “30 years of dance making” the writer follows up with the question; “Did you train in dance – and where?”

We should point out the only does features on people who may be appearing at one of the theatre’s it is controlled by.

Now you may roll your eyes and fall about laughing! All hope is lost, save yourselves……………..