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Renaud Wiser Dance Company ‘Who Killed Bambi?’

Renaud Wiser, a prolific dancer who has performed with Geneva Ballet, the Ballet National de Marseille, The Gothenburg Ballet and Rambert Dance Company to name just a few, is now turning his hand to the wide world of choreography with ‘Who Killed Bambi?’, his second full length work.

The work takes its inspiration from the exploits of Edward Snowden the former US National Security Agency contractor who blew the whistle on illegal, pervasive surveillance and now finds himself exiled in Russia for his efforts.

The company tell us this much about the work;

In Who killed Bambi?, the performers engage in a narrative evoking the natural hunt of a pack of wolves and a strange dinner party where the food is one of the guests. Meant as a critical look at our modern society, the piece takes inspiration from recent political examples of individuals standing against the group and the subsequent hunt to silence them.

For this collaborative work between dance, theatre, music and stage design, choreographer Renaud Wiser brings together an exciting team of artists including theatre director and Royal Court Theatre international associate Richard Twyman and resident artist at the Southbank Centre and composer Oliver Coates.

Alongside ‘Who Killed Bambi?’ is a special one of performance of ‘One’ a 10 minute solo created on dancer Chihiro Kawasaki. We also have an interview with Mr Wiser about his work and influences.

‘Who Killed Bambi?’ is performed by Chihiro Kawasaki, Kenny Wing Tao Ho, Aaron Vickers, Ana Beatriz Meirles and Gareth Mole with live music from Oliver Coates.

The work will be on tour throughout the year with new dates being added as they occur, check the company website for details.

Filmed at Dance City in newcastle upon Tyne on February 7th 2015.

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