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Dance City Interview Anthony Baker

Touring for dance companies over the last few years has an increasingly difficult practice thanks to non sensical funding cuts and certain venues being less than cooperative when it comes to programming touring companies.

The opportunity to watch dance live north of Manchester would be almost non-existent but for a small venue located inside one of the UK’s National Dance Agencies, namely Dance City.

Over the years the venue has featured National Dance Company Wales, Scottish Dance Theatre, Tavaziva Dance and many more.

We spoke with the current AD of the building Anthony Baker about the programming strategy at the theatre, the companies who perform there and the plans for the venue over the next few years even though the venue itself (featuring a very large performance space) was never envisaged as a programming space for dance.

Up and coming shows over the next few weeks and months feature work from Renaud Wiser, Motionhouse Dance Theatre and Jasmin Vardimon Company among almost 30 different performances.

Our video features work from Motionhouse Dance Theatre, James Wilton Dance, Tavaziva Dance, National Dance Company Wales, Probe Project, Tom Dale Company and Danish Dance Theatre.

Dancers featured : Katie Cambridge, Lisa Rowley, Petros Treklis, Anna Watkins, Ellen Yilma, Leire Merino Garin, Claire Lambert, Gabriela Montgomery-Solano, Ariadna Girones Mata, Junior Cunningham Alasdair Stewart, Daniel Connor, Rebecca Williams, Martina Bussi, Greig Cooke, Antonia Grove, Scott Smith, Josef Perou, Camille Giraudeau, Matteo Marfoglia, Mathieu Geffré, Christopher Scott, Natalie Corne, Àngela Boix Duran, Elena Thomas, Joseba Yerro Izaguirre, Declan Whitaker, Eileih Muir, Michael Kelland, Ariadna Girones Mata, Maria Olga Palliani, John Ross, Hugh Stainer, Joshua Smith, Milou Nuyens, Erik Nyberg, Maria Pilar Abaurrea, Csongor Szabo, Elena Martinez Ibar, Jernej Bizjak, Naomi Tadevossian, Sarah Jane Taylor, Adam Gain, Michael Kelland, Harland Rust, James Wilton.

Filmed at Dance City in Newcastle upon Tyne on November 20th 2014.

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