The Evil Imp

Peaceful Resistance

When it comes to ‘sticking it to the man’ spreading graffiti all over the shop is usually one way to get yourself into a whole lot of trouble for very little in the way of a return.

The Graffiti Research Lab – yes you read that correctly – have come up with a rather innovative, colourful and, ultimately, easy to remove method of colourising your neighbourhood.

Led Throwies are nothing more than single LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights attached to a small battery and a magnet and you just throw them at anything magnetic and they will stick. Get several dozen friends armed with a couple of hundred of the things and you can quickly paint the exterior of a metal building in a matter of minutes and the whole thing looks fabulous at night.

The boys at GRL have even come up with a way to leave glowing messages in inaccessible places so you can ‘tag’ your heart out all over the big city. They even tell you where to get rid of the lithium batteries used by the ‘Throwies’. Resistance is futile and you won’t end up looking like a complete plank, we’re looking in your direction ‘Banksy’.

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