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Panta Rei Danseteater ‘På gränsen’

A welcome return to Article19 for Norwegian dance company Panta Rei Danseteater and a new double bill featuring works from the company AD’s Pia Holden and Anne Ekenes along with Swedish dance maker Camilla Ekelöf.

The works focus on the relations between the two countries, Norway and Sweden with Panta Rei’s own work ‘Ja, vi elsker du gamla, du fria’ (roughly translated meaning ‘yes, we love the old lady’) and Ms Ekelöf’s work ‘På gränsen’ (meaning ‘at the border’).

Both works share the same set design but follow very different themes for their 25 minute duration.

The company tells us this much;

“The house GranNabo (The word “neighbour” in Norwegian and Swedish is mixed together to form the word GranNabo) is located between Norway and Sweden. It houses curiosity, love and uncertainty.

We look at the term neighbours in every sense of the word. The house GranNabo is a beautiful, energetic and playful dance performance with five strong dancers. The music is composed by Nathaniel Reed and Tomas Elfstadius.

The piece is a Swedish – Norwegian co-production between Teater Innlandet (NO), Regionteater Väst  (S) and Panta Rei Danseteater (NO)”

The works are currently touring in Sweden but expect further performances internationally later in the year, keep an eye on the company website for more details.

‘huset GranNabo’ is performed by Maria Ulriksson, Lava Markusson, Rasmus Skaremark-Solberg, Robert Guy and Julie Drónen Ekornes.

Filmed at the Teater Innlandet, Hamar, Norway on February 15th 2014.

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