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Pair Dance ‘Silent Steps’

The recent Big Mission Festival that took place in Swindon last week is living proof that the festival circuit is the best place to look for new hidden gems from dance makers.

Harriet Macauley’s Pair Dance brought ‘Silent Steps’ to the table and provided the morning audience (the festival started in the morning and kept going until nightfall) with a wake up call. Created for Resolution in 2007, the assured dance making and precision performances by the three dancers proved to be one of the top three shows in the whole festival.

Not much is written about the work itself, a wise choice if you ask us, less writing more dancing we say, but what is written is as follows;

“The work is highly physical as dancers trace steps, tumbling and falling with laughter and giggles. Silent Steps delves into thoughts, memories and the internal dialogue between our inner and outer self The spiral serves as a light house or guide which leads the way…”

The “spiral” referred to is the hanging sculpture you can see at the back of the stage. Pair Dance are most definitely a company to keep your eyes on and if ACE ever manage to implement a funding system that actually works then this company needs to be on the list.

‘Silent Steps’ is performed by Harriet Macauley, Brenda Nassali, Charlotte Price and Grace Hann (there are only three dancers on stage we’ll clarify which ones) with music and sound by Richard Leonard.

The company’s next show is part of the First international Competition in Denmark this coming June. You can check out their website for further details.