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Gravity and Levity ‘Shift’

The last time we featured Gravity and Levity was a good few years ago, way back during BDE 2006 as it happens, and on that occasion giant hamster wheels were the order of the day.

This time out with their new work ‘Shift’ the company bring us one of the most complicated set designs we have ever seen. The on-stage rigging has more ropes and pulleys than the Cutty Sark, at least until it caught fire that is (the boat not the G&L set!)

As the dancers negotiate their way through the piece the set transforms with a series of reconstruction manoeuvres more complex than your average wardrobe from IKEA. The dancers clamber about the set like hamsters until the whole thing becomes a giant percussion instrument.

The company say of this work;

“Contemporary dance, aerial circus and physical theatre collide in a multi-layered, visceral thrill as artistic director Lindsey Butcher’s acclaimed Gravity & Levity once again returns to upend the dance floor.

‘Shift’ rekindles the creative energy first ignited by the rich mix of collaborators for its previous production Taking Flight. This latest work brings Stomp co-creators Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas alongside two formidable choreographic talents – the intensely physical Charlotte Vincent (Vincent Dance Theatre) and sublimely lyrical Charles Linehan – to form an extraordinary triple bill programme.”

So we have three dance makers, 5 dancers and a lot of rope, it really has to be seen to be believed.

As well as footage from the show we have an extensive interview with the company’s AD: Lindsey Butcher. ‘Shift’ is performed by Vanessa Cook, Lindsey Butcher, Jenny Paterson, Scott Smith and Guy Adams.

Touring has ended for now but the show will be back in the Autumn, keep an eye on their website for more details.