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Motionhouse ‘Volatile’

Following on from our interview with the Artistic Director of Motionhouse, Kevin Finnan, we bring you an exclusive look at Volatile the company’s current work touring this winter to a theatre near you (or at least within driving distance).

Volatile is a little bit different in that the dancers never once touch the actual stage. Instead they conduct the whole performance on a specially built rig which, when they are clambering about on top of it, places them about 15 feet off the ground. Such constructions are a signature of the work from the Leamington based company. Further proving the point that not all, if any, good work comes out of London.

The dancers apparently had to undergo special training to make sure they could cope with the demands of this particular piece. We feel sure that part of this training involved therapy to come to terms with the possibility of falling off and cracking your head open!

Article19 is happy to report this did not happen and all the company’s dancers came through the show with all their bits still attached at the appropriate four corners.

Volatile was performed by Vanessa Cook (pictured above right), Caroline Bridges, Nathaniel Conroy, Junior Cunningham and Helen Parlor.

A second video feature was added some months after the original article was posted.

The company are currently touring their new work ‘Perfect’ throughout the year. Check their website for further details.