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Motionhouse ‘Perfect’

When most people want to play in the sand they make their way to the beach. Motionhouse on the other hand prefer to cart it around with them on tour for their new show ‘Perfect’. Sand, slings, paper, water and little sand people all play their part in the company’s new show. Article19 brings you an exclusive new video feature.

Pina Bausch created a work performed entirely in dirt several centuries ago and here in the Lab we came away with the distinct impression that the dancers were not having a lot of fun (it was the Rite of Spring after all! Ed!)

Not so with Motionhouse who prefer specially cleaned sand instead of dirt and the dancers appear to be having a much better time of it. Perfect is centered around the passing of time and just what people get up to in the every day chaos that we call life. At least that’s what we think it’s about, the more cerebral part of dance is not our strong point we have to admit.

Apart from sand the show also features water, paper, the aforementioned little sand people, flowers, slings (but no arrows), giant hands, some fantastic music and video projection all in one piece of work. So there is something for everyone here, not forgetting all the dancing of course. Motionhouse are one of the few top level companies that still bother to try entertaining their audience and the dance world is a lot better off for that reason.

In our seven minute feature we bring you only a small part of this 70 minute performance.

Perfect is performed by Vanessa Cook (pictured above), Helen Parlor, Junior Cunningham, Wendy Hesketh and Stuart Waters with music by Sophy Smith and choreography by Kevin Finnan and the company.

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