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Money For Nothing (Tickets for Free)


Do you have some spare time on your hands? Do you want to earn £40,000 per year for just 2 days work per week? Do you have a knighthood and a pin stripe suit? Have you given up actually working for a living and feel like coasting towards retirement? Then Arts Council England is looking for you because they need a new Chairman.

That’s right dear readers the funding monolith is seeking a new figure head to er…………… do whatever the hell it is that the Chairman of ACE actually does. If we were to hazard a guess it probably involves attending a few meetings, parties and going to the theatre a lot. The going to the theatre part is great because all your tickets are free, let’s face it, you’re the boss so who’s going to deny you?

Except your not the boss of course, that’s the CEO, but it’s £40,000 for not a lot of work so what are you complaining about?

Current chairman, “Sir” Christopher Frayling has apparently gotten bored and is off to write more books about westerns or play shuffle board or something. He leaves his post having presided over, along with former CEO Peter Hewitt, the debacle of the recent funding review that saw more than 180 arts orgnisations lose their funding and arts funding in general get slapped silly by the Olympics.

Mr Hewitt sneaked out the back door with a £128,000 pay off and hasn’t been heard from since. Mr Frayling will probably not get a payoff since nobody knows who he is anyway. Show off hands if you please if you could name the Chairman of ACE before reading this piece?

As we thought, only Smarty McClever at the back had any clue.

The job advert states that ACE are looking for an “…outstanding and committed individual with the credibility, enthusiasm and motivation to lead Arts Council England over the next few years.”

They need someone with credibility because ACE has very little and they’re hoping that it will rub off on them, like the flu or malaria!

We suspect that the post has already been filled, the job advert is probably for show, but if you want to give it a shot then hit the link below and fill out the form. Having some form of royal honour probably helps a lot, it also helps if, to all intents and purposes, you are completely inert!

In a statement, ACE denied being completely useless, or words to that effect.

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