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Mathieu Geffre ‘ACT’ in Rehearsal

Perhaps the greatest challenge facing dance makers, leaving aside funding and touring, is getting into the studio for the very first time as you start to build to ideas for your new piece. That challenge is amplified when you are creating a solo work on yourself.

Mathieu Geffre, formerly a dancer with National Dance Company Wales, is in that position with his new work ‘ACT’. We caught up with him in the studio during a week of research and development and spoke with him about the piece, staying motivated and fleshing out an idea when you literally only have yourself to rely on.

The piece in it’s the very early stages of development so no touring or performances at the moment but you can keep track of Mr Geffre’s process by following him on Twitter at the link below.

Filmed at Dance City in Newcastle upon Tyne on May 18th, 2017.

[ Mathieu Geffre on Twitter ]