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Ludus Dance Interview Feature

For the first time here on Article19 we bring you the latest touring productions from Ludus Dance Company, which, believe it or not, is one of the longest running dance companies in these United Kingdoms!

Another first is the company’s commissioning of a touring triple bill with works from Yael Flexer ‘What If?’, Nigel Charnock ‘Pandemonium’ and Ben Wright ‘A four’. The three works are all touring under the ‘Consequences’ banner.

Each work brings a mixture of dance, theatre and general chaos, slightly safer than none general chaos, with Nigel Charnock’s work in particular going for a hefty mix of madness. Who else in the wide world of choreography would mix music from Vivaldi and Aphex Twin? Not many we’ll wager.

Ludus say this much about the new triple bill:

The triple-bill format is a new departure for Ludus Dance, and Consequences features the work of three of the UK’s biggest names in choreography.

Nigel Charnock, celebrated for repeatedly breaking new ground, brings you a thunderously chaotic chunk of dance theatre that explores the effects of order and chaos on our lives, whilst poking fun at the self-destructing tendencies of our fame hungry society.

Yael Flexer, renowned for connecting with audiences on a human level, reveals a very different interpretation on the theme. Her choreography sees the four dancers caught up in the ripple effect of their own decisions as they create a show before your very eyes.

Meanwhile, Ben Wright, director of bgroup dance company and internationally recognised choreographer, explores fragmented histories, and calls us to seize the moment… NOW!

Aimed at young people and first-time dance audiences, Consequences has wide appeal and is set to entertain through a pulse-racing mix of jaw-dropping dance, theatre and music.

Our video brings you a section from Mr Charnock’s ‘Pandemonium’ (video 1), an interview feature with Ludus Director Di Cummins and Nigel Charnock that includes excerpts from all three works (video 2) and the full unedited interview with Mr Charnock (video 3).

Dancers for each work are Ellen Turner, Rebecca Thomas, Neb Abbot and George Adams.

‘Consequences’ continues touring for the next 18 months. Check the company website for more details.

Filmed at the Nuffield Theatre in Lancaster on Friday 10th September 2010.

[ Ludus Dance Website ]