The Evil Imp


The State of the Arts conference, held last week, was a ridiculous waste of time and money, mainly because those taking part were pretty ridiculous. We sincerely hope it was only the inarticulate, rambling, “couldn’t make a point if their life depended on it” people that got to speak or ask questions because if not the arts are completely screwed.

Anyway, one other thing that came up was the point that the arts, as a collective whole, needs to better articulate its case for funding. Naturally the response was to produce a booklet written by, we imagine, people that give beige paint a run for it’s money in the “interesting” stakes.

We, here in TheLab™, didn’t read it because it’s 38 pages long and doesn’t have any funny pictures in it and we thought we could do better with an hour or two and a copy of Photoshop.

Remember, love is for always, not just valentine’s day people!

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