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Joan Clevillé Dance ‘The North’

Last time out we brought you the eccentric ‘Plan B For Utopia’, the opening bow from Dundee based dance maker Joan Clevillé and his self-titled company and now they are back with a new work that is equally eclectic as the first; ‘The North’.

The company say this much about the piece;

It’s a place we all know, but we have never been… A forest, a desert of ice. The land of ancient gods, wild animals and strange creatures. The home of the Terrible and the Sublime…

In this new work co-commissioned by Tramway (Glasgow) and The Place (London), choreographer Joan Clevillé explores our fascination with the idea of North: the landscape, the light, the creatures that inhabit it, but also the people, the dark humour, the silence…

Blending elements from dance, physical and object theatre, The North is the bleak yet whimsical story of a young man’s journey in search for meaning in an unpredictable environment. A place with its own sense of time and space, where being lost is the norm, and letting go the only way to survive…

We talk to the company AD about the piece, making the piece and surviving Brexit, should it ever actually happen.

‘The North’ is performed by Eve Ganneau, John Kendall and Solène  Weinachter and is written and directed by Joan Clevillé.

Filmed at The Riley Theatre in Leeds on October 10th 2017.

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