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Jasmin Vardimon Company ‘Park’

It is not too often that we revisit a contemporary dance work for re-featuring but there is a trend, sort of, with contemporary dance companies bringing older works back for a second round of touring in the wider world of dance.

‘Park’ from Jasmin Vardimon is one such work having previously bowed in 2005 the work has returned with new dancers and some new staging for 2015 and beyond. Here in TheLab™ we originally covered the work in 2006.

The company tell us this much about ‘Park’;

“Park is an urban oasis, a place of refuge from ordinary life where eight characters play, fight, fall in love and learn to survive. In this playground of relationships, young lovers wrestle in a historic fountain, a graffiti artist sprays his story, a busker finds his only appreciative audience in a bag lady and a flag-waving bully rants worn out political beliefs. Their stories intertwine creating a modern day fairytale that is alternately sharp, funny and cruel.

Reworked for 2014 with new 3D imaging and multi-talented cast, Park presents a breathtaking collision of highly acute physical theatre, text, athletic dance and funky music, delivering fresh statements about our time.”

Our feature includes an interview with Jasmin Vardimon where we discuss the new version of ‘Park’ and the challenges in touring such a complex work compared between 2006 and now.

‘Park’ is performed by Luke Burrough, Maria Doulgeri, Estéban Fourmi, Nevena Jovanovic, David Lloyd, Silke Muys, Aoi Nakamura and Uroš Petronijevic.

Check the company website for continuing tour dates.

Filmed at Dance City in Newcastle upon Tyne on March 15th 2015.

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[ ‘Park’ on Article19 from 2006 ]