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Impulstanz 2003

Our first visit to Vienna for the ImPulsTanz festival was a week long experience of good shows and good workshops with Mona McCarthy at the helm for the video diaries this was a very different experience to the following year.

The piece is still wrapped in our old design for the sake of convenience and some things just need to be left alone for the sake of posterity.

We said this in 2003;

“In July 2003 Article19 travelled to Vienna, Austria to Impulstanz, Europes leading festival of contemporary dance performance and workshop based dance training.

During our time there we recorded a 7 day video diary with professional dancer Mona McCarthy and 4 of the 8-Tension dance festival.

Later this year we will be returning to Vienna for what we hope to be bigger and better coverage of this unique event.”

So click on the link below and enjoy.

We should also note that the piece by Erna Omarsdottir is still one of the most popular videos on Article19 and the work continues to tour to this very day!

2007 Update: The video has all been moved into Article19’s new design, because we broke the old one!

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