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ESC Company ‘Dream on, baby’

Another video from our pre-chaos days, ESC Company, a youth company based out of Bergen in Norway performed ‘Dream on, baby’ at the 2019 Coda Oslo International Dance Festival created by Alan Lucien Øyen and Daniel Proietto.

The company say this much about the work;

When do we become adults? When we let go of our dreams and accept our place in reality? What does it mean to be a young girl in a world that increasingly expects children to simulate adults?

Alan Lucien Øyen, Daniel Proietto and the ESC junior company from Bergen explore these questions together. The result is Dream on, baby, a performance about the awkward borderland in which one is neither a child nor an adult, balancing between dreams and reality.

Winter Guests, with Alan Lucien Øyen as artistic director, has become a locomotive in Norwegian dance art and has garnished both awards and fantastic reviews around the world. Dance artist Daniel Proietto has attracted attention in several of Øyen’s performances for Winter Guests and the Norwegian National Ballet.

Dancers Solveig Birkeland, Inger Flotve, Marthe Næss Iversen, Astrid Jordåen, Maria Johanne Liabø, Kristin Lien, Julia Thunes Skår and Shelmith Mwe-nesi Øseth.

Sound design Gunnar Innvær and Mathias Grønsdal Johannesen.

Filmed during dress rehearsal at Oslo Opera House, Oslo, Norway on October 21, 2019.