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Eleesha Drennan Dance ‘Channel Rose’

Eleesha Drennan, for many years a dancer and choreographer with National Dance Company Wales, is setting out on the long road to forging her career as a dance maker with ‘Channel Rose’ the first work created and performed under her own company name.

This full evening piece features three dancers and live music, not a common thing in the wide world of contemporary dance although many a dance maker wishes that were different.

‘Channel Rose’ is a follow up, of sorts, to Ms Drennan’s previous piece for National Dance Company Wales ‘Virtual Descent’ which you can also watch on Article19.

The show is up next at The Place Theatre in London with further touring expected throughout the year. Keep an eye on the company website for details.

‘Channel Rose’ is performed by Annabeth Berkeley, Kenny Wing Tao Ho and Viivi Keskinen with Simon Haram on the Saxophone and Julian Warburton on Percussion.

Filmed at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff on December 6th 2014.

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