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Diversions ‘Peeled’

Last time we featured Diversions Dance Company was back in 2006 with a feature from British Dance Edition in Leeds. This time out we caught up with them in Liverpool performing ‘Peeled’ created by Israeli (based in Holland) dance maker Itzik Galili.

The work is best described, we think, as a relentless piece of choreography defined by some superb lighting design (by Mr Galili himself). As the dancers shift through the space they are guided, or so it appears, by blocks of light. It’s all very reminiscent of a sliding puzzle game, giant size with live dancers.

Exhibiting superb timing throughout the dancers weave their way through the illuminated puzzle piece with precision. Although the work is just 18 minutes long by the end the dancers are exhausted which illustrates just how tough this work is mentally and physically.

The company say of this piece;

“Peeled is a dynamic choreography for ten dancers. Coming from a subtext/solo about the search for self confidence which was developed through improvisation and provocative manipulation by dancer Jussi Nousiainen and Itzik Galili. Musical typewriters provide and insistent atmospheric backdrop as well as a powerful lighting plan. This latter accentuates space, scenarios and perception.”

At present there are no plans for any more performances of this work but keep your eye on the company’s website for more touring details as we go into the new year.

‘Peeled’ is performed by; Lee Johnston, Karol Cysewski, Eleesha Drennan, Stefanos Bizas, Maria Hayday, Sun Hee Dieben, Yuval Lev, Viivi Keskinen, Riccardo Vitello and Nancy Nerantzi with choreography by Itzik Galili and music by Percossa.